• Instructor with 50 years’ Aikido experience
  • Small Traditional Aikikai Aikido classes with personalized instruction
  • Non-competitive, friendly interactions with all participants
  • Low monthly tuition with no contracts


Skip Clark SenseiSkip Clark Sensei


Our chief instructor and Dojo Cho is Skip Clark Sensei, Sandan (3rd Degree Black Belt)

Certified by Aikido World Headquarters Hombu Dojo Aikikai Foundation through Aikido Schools of Ueshiba (ASU)



Training Background: 

  • Skip Clark Sensei began Aikido training 50 years ago in Scotland under the instruction of the Scottish National Aikido Coach, T. Weir, who was affiliated with K. Chiba.  Attained 3rd Kyu through T. Weir Sensei.

  • Later affiliated with Y. Yamada Shihan (USAF) and trained at the Capital Aikikai, Washington, D.C., under the instruction of C. Takeguchi, G. Sakamoto and L. Sanders. Attained 1st Kyu through C. Takeguchi Sensei.

  • Trained with R. Grantham and G. Kennedy of Atlanta, Georgia.  Received Shodan Rank from Y. Yamada Shihan. 

  • Most recently, affiliated with M. Saotome Shihan (ASU) as Dojo Cho of Emerald Coast Aikido in Niceville, Florida, and trained under the influence of F. Calhoun and J. Oglesby of Pensacola and Panama City, Florida.  Received Sandan Rank from M. Saotome Shihan.

  • In addition to the above, the following instructors have provided significant guidance and inspiration:            H. Ikeda, J. Messores, D. Hooker, G. Ledyard, F. Doran, W. Whited, G. Olsen, D. Ellingsworth, G. Hagen, and M. Bell.